“So I just want you to know that I showed the website to the Board this weekend at ourt meeting, and they were blown away. They are really pleased with where we are and the potential for the future. You’ve done very well and been very responsive, and we appreciate it. Thanks, and again GREAT JOB! You should be very pleased, this is a tough group and you’ve come across well.”

Joshua Caulfield TestimonialJoshua Caulfield,
Chief Executive Officer, The American Institute for Architecture Students

“I must say that TechRiver has bent over backwards for me in many situations…and I appreciate that so much. I will say that the one thing that I feel is the most important to me is the one-on-one personal attention that I get from your company. I think if I were a new client signing on, I would want that same thing: one person that I know by name, that I could email/call with any issue and get personal assistance quickly. “

Tonya Miller TestimonialTonya Miller,
Association for Vascular Access

“I would highly recommend TechRiver because of their unparalleled customer service. They really took the time to develop a solid relationship with us and were willing to bend over backwards…”

Jaquii Bradshaw TestimonialJaquii Bradshaw,
Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute

“Before TechRiver, our website was something I was unwilling to show anyone. In fact it stopped many of our marketing efforts. The TechRiver team showed keen understanding of what was needed to make my website really work and their service was just fantastic. We are delighted with our new website!”

Tim Foster TestimonialTim Foster,
President, Network Management Services

“With TechRiver, I don’t have to worry. They ask the right questions and they know what’s expected which saves me a huge amount of time. They deliver what they promise either on time or early, even when the expectations are seemingly unrealistic. The team is very talented and able to handle everything we throw at them. They’re a very high-value one-stop shop.”

Pam Viveiros TestimonialPam Viveiros,
Technology Marketing Toolkit

“I was amazed at how responsive the TechRiver team was. It was like I was their only client! They really took the time to listen to what I needed and what they produced reflected that understanding and more than met my expectations. I would (and do) call on TechRiver again because their product works, the process is smooth and the pricing is completely reasonable.”

Craig Karasack TestimonialCraig Karasack,
Liberty Mutual Loss Prevention

“TechRiver did not fulfill any of my expectations! We selected TechRiver because of a referral and partially because of desperation. The referring person did not warrant the utmost respect for understanding the technology. Because of this, my expectations were low – I expected the process to be painful and the cost to be more than quoted. Instead, what I found was that TechRiver was a reputable, respectful and intelligent company to deal with. We obtained exactly what we were looking for, exactly when promised and for exactly the price quoted. The delivered website was bullet proof. I was delighted.”

Lee Lance TestimonialLee Lance,
Scale, LLC

“You know that I am one of your most appreciative clients and I cannot think of any complaint. Your service is reliable almost to a fault, you are exceptionally responsive to my inquiries and have resolved them rapidly.”

John Bowers TestimonialJohn Bowers,
Caset Associates

“I love TechRiver because the firm does a peerless job with technology support, design, responsivess and creativity. The firm is extremely reasonably priced, puts customer service at the center of their culture and commitment, and I cannot imagine a more professionally run and effective operation. I’ve worked with the TechRiver team from the vantage point of a variety of different non-profit organizations and each time have been 100% pleased with the firm’s work. I know I can count on TechRiver and that gives me great peace of mind because often when it comes to technology, one’s firm needs to be fast, agile and responsive. TechRiver exceeds the bar.”

Sally Sachar TestimonialSally Sachar,
President and CEO, Practical Strategy LLC

“TechRiver always provides professional and personal service. You think of things that we don’t think of and alert us to the issues that need to be addressed. I have often recommended you for other work when I get a chance as I have full confidence that you provide the same quality service to others. It appears that there is good communication within the company, which makes me feel like the “ship” is in pretty tight order especially when it matters.

I know that with other vendors that we use, there can often be a good bit of “tangle” and lack of communication amongst different parts of package. I hate having to deal with problems of this sort. However, problems are inevitable, and when they come up, you take care of it internally resulting in very little fuss/effort on my part.

To me the “wow-factor” boils down to honest, professional staff that are willing to work with you to meet the needs/challenges of the task at hand. I consider TechRiver a partner. A lot of folks say it, but very few folks actually deliver.”

Sheldon Walbrown,
Washington Scholarship Fund

“TechRiver has been a pleasure to deal with. They are one of the few developers I have ever worked with who did what they said, when they said they would do it, and for the price they quoted me. They have a systematic approach that made our project easy to manage.”

David Slotwinski,
Director of IT, National Apartment Association

“The team at TechRiver are the most responsive you could ask for. We couldn’t ask for better service and the value of Streamline for the money is great!”

John Hervey,
CEO, Petroleum Convenience Alliance