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“What I love about TechRiver is that they ask really great questions. TechRiver takes the time to fully know my business.

They make sure they understand what is being asked of them and look to see what is the best and most efficient solution, perhaps looking beyond the scope of the current problem at hand.

They are very responsive and their quality of work is unsurpassed.”

Lois Davis

Executive Director, Vascular Access Certification Corporation

“TechRiver takes the time to really understand the issues and proposes solutions that are very efficient. Then they implement those with velocity and communicate thoroughly along the way.”

Chris Kingsley


“TechRiver has been a trusted partner of mine since 2005. They are always available, listen carefully to essential project details, and always deliver quality work on time and on budget. In a world of revolving-door dev shops, their consistency is unparalleled.”

Lee Lance

Scale, LLC