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Custom Software

All software designed by our specialists at TechRiver is unique and tailored to your business needs, style, customer base and vision. Our primary objective is to provide software tools that are compatible with and supportive of your business goals and objectives. Every bit of software we create will be elegant, user-friendly, customized and designed to meet your needs.

You’ve Got Two Systems That Don’t Talk to Each Other

If you’re a small to medium business, it’s not uncommon to have various systems in-house to support your operations. It’s also not uncommon for these systems to have been added over time at different points during the business’ lifetime. As a result, the older systems have no knowledge or understanding of the newer system and vice versa, frequently. Sometimes you can find tremendous efficiencies by “hooking up” these two disparate systems. That’s where middleware comes in. Middleware is the glue that allows System A to talk to System B.

As a quick example, say you have a phone system and you also have a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). It would be convenient if when a prospect calls on the phone, the CRM opens on your screen directly to the information that you already have on the prospect.

How do you know if you need middleware or what middleware you need? That’s where consulting comes in. When we speak with new clients, we take the time to get to know the business processes. And when we do that we can look for possible inefficiencies and areas for improvement. We’ll then suggest ways to streamline those processes. The difference in the bottom line can be dramatic.