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      Fall In Love With Your Business Again


      You’ll Thrive with Perfectly Tailored Custom Software



      Show Me How!

      Fall In Love With Your Business Again

      You’ll Thrive with Perfectly Tailored Custom Software

      Get Clear on What’s Not Working
      Follow a straight-forward process that exposes inefficiencies
      Drive the Development
      You’ll get everything you need in your perfectly tailored software
      Get Peace of Mind
      You’ll have new software that will have your business running like a well-oiled machine

      Bottom line… TechRiver is a trusted business partner. They ask the right questions in order to solve challenges efficiently and offer creative, lasting solutions. They combine attentive, personalized customer service (reminiscent of mom and pop shop days) with modern-day, technological solutions. Their responsiveness and collaboration is unparalleled. We are grateful to call TechRiver a member of our team.

      Kelly Johnson

      Kelly Johnson

      Executive Director, Vascular Access Certification Corporation

      Our website's product search functionality was a mess, and we were concerned we were losing sales. TechRiver analyzed our product database and modified our search algorithms. The changes dramatically improved our customer search experience and enhanced our business processes. Now I can even use the website to quickly find part numbers from product names

      Eldon Baird

      Eldon Baird

      Vice President, Oakwood Products, Inc.

      The thing that most amazed me about TechRiver is their attention to detail. We use a complicated process to calculate billing and expenses for our import business and track our numbers with a huge set of spreadsheets. That process didn't work well when we had to update hundreds of spreadsheets to handle changing business requirements. TechRiver analyzed our procedures, presented a solution that we could see, and then implemented it with complete transparency. The team at TechRiver is our technology partner, making sure that we end up with a solution that meets our business's needs! Every person that we spoke with at TechRiver was exceptionally patient with us as we explained the details. It amazed me how well they were able to understand what we needed and able to provide exactly what we asked for!

      Jane Spano

      VP of Operations, TradeLink Systems

      What Makes TechRiver So Different?

      We’ve been there….struggling with systems that either don’t work or don’t talk to each other.

      We know the frustration that that causes.

      We know the crazy amount of time that wastes.

      We’ve helped businesses like yours thrive for over 20 years and it’s because we’re not just geeks.

      We get what makes businesses like yours not only run but run like a well-oiled machine.

      After all we are a business like yours.

      Are You Wasting Time & Money on Bad Software?

      What does copy/pasting data from one program into another day after day cost you?

      Do you have old software that only runs on one ancient machine? What happens when it goes down?

      Does it drive you crazy when you spend time making systems do what you need when they should already do that?

      How frustrated do you get when you can’t access your data when you’re on the go?

      The systems and software that you are currently using may be costing you a lot more than you think.