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How to Make Over $30K
By Asking Questions

This is what one of our strategic partners had to say:

“There is nothing like getting a call saying that you’ll be receiving over $30,000 for simply referring TechRiver to one of my clients. Honestly, I would have been happy to refer to TechRiver anyhow. They’re solid. You don’t have to worry about them. They get the job done and they stay with the client until they’re happy.

The TechRiver Partner Program is a no-brainer and it takes almost none of my time. Their team has really thought this through. For example they have a number of tools to expose opportunities. Just plug in URLs and boom, you get some opportunities. But they didn’t stop there. They gave me the exact copy to use in the email to send to my clients to get the opportunity moving.

Once you send them a referral, TechRiver takes it from there to cultivate the client over time. They do all the heavy lifting . And they don’t stop. There was this one referral that I gave them 2 years ago. Nothing happened for a year and a half. And then I get an email that they closed it. And there’s another big difference. TechRiver keeps me in the loop and let’s me know which of my clients they’re talking to and how it’s going.

Back to the beginning of my story. In this case, TechRiver closed on a project with my client, one of the largest in their history, and I got the call. Like you, I know every minute counts in business, there are dozens of projects and clients demanding my attention. But for about 15 minutes of my time I was able to serve my client and generate a chunk of income. And it’s like a residual. The Partner payouts continue as long as your client stays with TechRiver. Joining the The TechRiver Partner Program was one of the best strategic business moves I made in the last year.”

Brendan Johnson

Every millisecond matters

Do you realize that your clients might be getting penalized by Google and not even know it? Google has indicated site speed is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages.

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