We listen to what you say. Sure that sounds simple and it should be a given. But it has not been our experience that that actually occurs. More frequently, we find that other companies listen for a few key items and then try to fit one of their solutions around that. At TechRiver, we’re clear that the only way to know what you really want is to listen. Our process involves asking a lot of questions, not doing a lot of talking.

Other developers give you a website or an application and then they’re done. We don’t work that way. Delivery is only a step in our relationship. What we provide is a full strategy and process, one that will produce the results that you are looking for.

We are extremely responsive. When you need changes or enhancements, we typically turn around small ones in less than 24 hours, more often in just a few hours. If you need something updated now, we do it now.

We are the only developers we know of to offer a guarantee. Other developers would think it foolish. We stand by our product. If you’re not happy, neither are we.

We operate as a partner. When we establish a relationship with a client, we need to learn the business of the client. Without that knowledge, it would be impossible to give solid advice. So we spend the extra time to do that.

We take pride in the creativity of all of the staff, especially when it comes to problem solving. More often than not, the solutions we invent are not only effective but also cost-effective.