Successful websites – like successful businesses – generate customers and sales. At TechRiver, we incorporate business production into every website we design and develop. A website that communicates who you are, what you do and why you are the best will go a long way toward converting a potential customer into a long-term client for your business. When you think about it, often the first contact a potential customer will have with you in through your website. With this knowledge at the forefront, our website design team will bring your business’s personality and business acumen to life on the web.

Should a potential customer be shopping around, we want your website to be the one that stands out and that the customer comes back to. Your website must communicate to the customer “Choose Me!” and get the customer to respond “I Will! You are clearly what I have been looking for.” Your website must be designed to give you a competitive advantage. Businessmen and women themselves, members of TechRiver’s website development team know that it’s not enough to have a website. We view your website as an important sales tool. A website is only as good as the business it generates for you.

Your brand, mission, and values will come through on your website.

What exactly is Web Design?

Web Design is the process of creating an on-line interface between your business and the public. Many skills and lots of knowledge and experience go into creating a purposeful site. Our experts have user interface skills, graphic design backgrounds, know content management and understand that for your business to grow your site must be like a magnet, drawing in potential customers. Our web design team includes experienced designers, programmers, graphic artists and marketers.

It starts with your dream.

Your company is your personal vision. It’s your dream for your future and the future of those who rely on you. You’re in the business because you care. You have projections and hopes for the future. Share these visions with us. We will embody those dreams on put them on the web for you.

Are you serious and do you want that serious and professional nature to come through on your site? Are you more casual and want to provide potential customers with a sense of comfort? Are you a store selling contemporary clothes or one selling vintage? Whatever your point of view, it will be embodied in your website.

Here are a few examples.

Whether You are Just Starting Out or Want to Redesign Your Existing Site, TechRiver Will Create the Right Website For Your Business

  • IF you are starting a new company, we will work side-by-side with you to develop a website consistent with your short and long-term business plans. Our websites will help you generate business and target your intended clients.
  • IF you don’t know what direction your site should take, we will design a site tailored to your business purpose and intended clientele. Whether you want a highly professional and structured site, one that is more informal and casual, one with a sense of humor, or one that is pictorial in content, TechRiver can help.
  • IF you have an existing website that needs a new look, we can create and design it for you while maintaining continuity and integrity.
  • IF your existing website is not effectively driving new business or is just “stale”, application of our vast experience and expertise will help you generate business leads that result in business growth.
  • IF your existing website is a cost rather than a money-generator, we can help you. You undoubtably paid a lot for your site, we’ll help you get more out of your site than you put in.
  • IF you know you need some help with your site, but have until now put off taking the plunge, call us and we will make it easy to make your projections a reality.