There is a comic strip that vividly compares what marketing is like now vs. what it was like, say 20 years ago.

20 or even 10 years ago, you received a ton of junk mail – real mail delivered by the postal carrier. Now with the cost benefit of email, that junk mail has become spam in your inbox. The point is that you don’t receive NEARLY the amount of regular U.S. mail that you used to. That means one important thing: it’s easier to be noticed if you send a letter than it used to be.

Direct mail is making a bit of a come-back. Direct mail’s effectiveness has increased in the past few years. Of course, the cost of doing a direct mail campaign exceeds that of an email campaign because of the production, material and mailing costs. But if you’re not at least trying direct mail, you could easily be missing the boat.

We focus on the less-expensive production methods. When we execute a direct mail campaign, our goals are:

  1. 1. Get the letter to the actual recipient and past any “gatekeeper”
  2. 2. Get the letter opened
  3. 3. Compel the reader to act.

Notice that if goals #1 and #2 are not achieved, then goal #3 is irrelevant. So those are first and foremost.
To reduce costs we rely on tactics that satisfy goals #1 and #2 without breaking the bank. For example, hand-addressed letters and lumpy mail accomplish this.
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