At TechRiver, we share information. We believe that our best partnerships and most productive results occur when our clients understand the possibilities of what software and a high-profile website can do to promote their business. Think of the web as a blank canvas. You have some ideas for how you want your business to be represented on this canvas. But, as you experience and study some of the resources we offer you here, we’re sure that your own thoughts will expand as you will learn just how full of possibilities and promise software and a website can be.


We offer informative webinars about fundamental aspects of what software can do for your business and how websites can be structured. All you have to do is sign up and we’ll send you a link to click to attend the webinar. Once you’ve seen a webinar you may have some ideas of how such a tool can help your business grow as well. We also offer useful links to webinars from other sources that are particularly helpful and informative.

White Papers

Our White Paper links will help you in the marketing strategies that your business employees whether you are marketing to individuals or to other businesses. They contain useful sales tools for you and your employees.


TechRiver’s representatives have written many articles on Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Marketing, Software Development and other topics. Application of the information provided in these helpful articles will result in a website that works to develop leads and generate business.

Helpful Videos

These links to “how to” videos will provide useful guidance on how to think about what keywords will best represent your business and what the most effective type of website might be for your business objectives.

Project Summaries/Case Studies

Read about some of the projects we have headed up already. When you do, you’ll see the scope of what TechRiver can offer. Plus, your creativity will be energized. Remember what we’ve said before – if you have an idea for your business – our role is to make that dream a reality.