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It used to be that Death and Taxes were the only two things that you can count on happening no matter what. I’m proposing two other “count-on-able” things.

1. Hackers – Ne’er Do Wells will always try to break into your site to take advantage of something.

2. Impatient Customers – If your website isn’t fast enough, they’re hitting that back button faster than a hot knife through butter.

So what can you do? Let’s address each problem separately.

Blocking Hackers

TechRiver Blocking Hackers

The reason that blocking hackers has been so difficult is that they tend to remain one step ahead. So as soon you finish patching some software that was vulnerable, they’re onto the next vulnerability. With pure patching, it’s near impossible to stop them.

A better solution is to route all traffic destined for the website through a smart filter. That filter looks at the type of traffic and has the ability to detect actions that look like attempted break-ins. The filter simply blocks the bad traffic while letting the good traffic through. That alone dramatically reduces the number of successful hacks.

Next, closely monitor the files on the website, DNS and in the domain registrar to look for changes on anything that is suspicious and report on that.

Improving Website Performance

TechRiver Improving Website Performance

One of the best ways to accomplish this is using something called a Content Delivery Network or CDN. A CDN is composed of many servers around the world. These servers cache the cacheable parts of your website and are called “Edge servers.” Now when someone visits your website in their browser, it will connect with one of these Edge servers and get all of the cached information. In many cases (on many pages) the entire page can be cached so no information at all is needed from the main web server.

This combination of caching information and of reducing the load on the main web server dramatically increases performance.

Sounds Expensive

It’s not. $45/month. We’ve come up with a way to deliver this very cost-effectively.

What do I get?

RiverDam Website Security which:
• Prevents Malware Distribution
• Monitors Blacklisting Incidents
• Actively Detects & Prevents Intrusions
• Blocks Attacks
• Stops DDos Attacks
• Identifies SEO Spam
• Blocks Phishing Lure Pages
• Identifies WHOIS Changes
• Identifies DNS Changes
• Monitors Changes to SSL Certificates

RiverRapids Website Content Delivery Network which:
• Dramatically improves performance
• Identifies Visitor Behavior
• Defends against online threats (also)

What’s Involved In Setup?

Set up takes about 15 minutes. We’ll need access to your DNS (Godaddy or other) to make it work.